Saturday, March 14, 2009

`What's art' (bijdrage Claudia Verhoef)

`What's art?'

Ask this question in class, and they keep talking forever
It doesn't interest me that much I guess

Yet I started to think about art
How and why is art created by the artist?

I think you can simply say there are three reasons for creation
Someone tells you to, you need money, you feel like it

You feel like it, so you create art
Isn't this the best way?
This art will have feeling
But how can you survive
Lucky are the artist who found this out

You need money, so you create art
The pretty lucky ones will work this way
How much will and can you work with feeling
Or will you just make the things that sell?

Someone tells you to, so you create art
The unlucky ones end up like this
Forget your feelings, they want you to make money
Haven't you sold your artist-soul if your art becomes a mere product?
Unlucky is the artist who sold it's soul, these are no longer an `artist'

Isn't it more important to ask `what's an artist?'
Especially if you want to become an artist yourself?

Who wants to become an artist hasn't chosen an easy path
But wouldn't it be great to walk the road of life as an artist

Claudia Verhoef

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